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Winch Out and Rollback Service


There are a range of situations, beyond just emergency breakdowns, when you might find that you need some form of towing to get things moving again. We offer a wide range of towing to fit a wide range of situations. But different circumstances need a different solution, and we’ve got you covered. This includes a rollback service and a winch out service, both of which are designed to be useful in specific instances. This way, you can be sure that you can get a service to match the problem you are facing. Like all our services, our rollback and winch out services are professional, effective and delivered quickly.

Winch Out

As part of our towing range, we also offer winch outs. A winch is a motorized steel cable wrapped around a drum, with sufficient strength to pull a vehicle. It’s not designed for long distance towing, but is instead used for a strong, short burst in order to get your vehicle out of range of situations. This can be useful in range of circumstances. This is just another of the reasons that you can rely on our towing service. We always have what you need in any situation.

Get Out of Trouble

A winch out can be the perfect way to get you out of range of challenging situations. It’s designed to get your car moving in a circumstance where the wheels can’t get enough traction to move the car by itself, in a series of tricky terrains, including when they are snowed in or bogged down in mud or sand. It’s generally used in more of an off-road setting and context, with exception perhaps of snow. So if you like to adventure off road, this might be just what you need if you strike any trouble.

Rollback Service

When you are involved in a collision of any sort, and your car is badly damaged or can no longer move, the last thing on your mind is how to get your car moving again. Understandably, you probably have bigger concerns. For a range of reasons though, it’s still something that you need to think about. That’s why we offer a rollback service. This is a flatbed towing service that’s the perfect way to get damaged cars moved away from the scene of the accident. That way there’s one less worry on your mind this situation and you can focus on the important things.

Always Covered

Both our winch out and rollback service only compound the fact, that with us, you are always covered. No matter what trouble you have with your car. Whether you get into a serious accident, get snowed in or were enjoying an off-road adventure and get stuck, we can help you out. It’s as simple as this: whatever situation you happen to find yourself in, and no matter the time of day, we can provide you with help, quickly and effectively. That’s why our 24-hour Roadside Assistance is the one that Des Moines seriously trusts and knows is reliable.